Winter Skin

It's getting cold outside.  I wonder why I live in the Northeast and not in Southern California.  And my skin asks me the same question.  The change of seasons is the time that your skin really begins to suffer.  The low humidity and low temperatures cause drying and cracking, particularly around the mouth and on your hands.  If you let this continue, you'll be miserable right around New Years Eve, when temperatures are at their lowest.  My products can help you fight these winter blues.  My CleanThyme will not irritate your skin and should be used twice a day.  And ths is the time of the year that I recommend my SoftThyme moisturizer.  SoftThyme contains those all important ceramides, which improve the skin's integrity and barrier function.  SoftThyme should be used after washing your face in the morning and after washing your hands.  Don't forget to put a little around your lips and on the outside of your nostrils.  This is particularly important if you develop a cold, since Kleenex can be very abrasive on your skin.