Returns and Replacement

Our product line return policies

Please note that there are no returns at all during this COVID19 pandemic. Be sure of your purchases. This supercedes the normal return policies listed below.  

We want our customers to be happy so please be certain you agree with these policies before you place an order.


Opened items:

There are no refunds or returns on opened boxes or opened products. If the seal is broken on the box, the product is considered used. When a kit is purchased, if one item is opened, the entire kit is considered used. We are unable to accept returns for individual components of kits. If you are unsure whether your skin will tolerate NightThyme, order our free sample bottle ($2.95 shipping/handling charge applies) and test the product before ordering a nonrefundable bottle.

If the product is defective, give us a call (844-DRPERRY). We might be able to resolve the issue if you can email ( a photograph of the product, but it may be necessary to return the product to us for examination before we can send you out a replacement. We are unable to provide a return shipping label.


Unopened Items:

We will issue a refund on unopened boxes or products purchased from this website and sent to a United States address if your original product is returned within 30 calendar days of original delivery date with the Return Product Form that was included in your shipment.

The date of delivery is documented with delivery service (USPS, UPS, or Fedex) tracking. The product must be received in our New Jersey office within 30 days of that documented date to qualify for a refund, so we advise sending it back using a trackable method. No refunds or replacements will be issued for any product purchased at any other retail location and/or website. Shipping charges are not refundable.

There are no refunds for bulk purchases - i.e. more than 3 items of each product.

If you were not charged for shipping as a result of a purchase over $100 or because of a special promotion, you will be charged a $9.75 shipping charge if you return merchandise and your total paid purchase falls below $100.  To be clear, for instance, if you purchase four bottles of NightThyme and pay $260, you will not be charged shipping. However, if you return 3 bottles, your effective purchase becomes $65, and you would thus be assessed a $9.75 shipping charge. Therefore, your refund will be $195 minus $9.75, or $185.25.  


Refunds on Discounted Items

If you return an unopened product that you purchased at a discounted price, you will receive a refund for the discounted price.  

If the item was free, you will not receive a refund. For instance, if you purchased a "buy 2, receive 1 free" item and returned one item, you would not receive a refund. If you purchased a "buy 2, receive 1 free" item and returned 2 items, you would be charged the full fee for the nonreturned items. Here's the scenario: You paid $130 for 2 NightThymes and received 1 free. You returned 2 NightThymes. You would be charged the full price, or $65, for the product you kept, and receive a refund for $65.

If you received a discount on an item that was contingent on purchasing multiple items ($10 off if you purchase NightThyme and CleanThyme, for instance), the discount would be subtracted from any amount of the return. For instance, if you purchased that NightThyme/CleanThyme combo with a $10 off coupon, you would have paid $100, instead of $110. If you then returned the NightThyme, you would not receive the $65 refund for NightThyme, but you would receive the $55 ($65 less the $10 discount) for NightThyme.  


Returns on orders that included "free" items

In this scenario, you may have purchased a product and received a "free product" requiring a coupon code. If you want to return the purchased product, to receive a full refund, you must also return the "free product". If you choose to keep the "free product", then you will be charged the advertised price on website for the "free product". For example, if you purchased a NightThyme and cashed in a coupon for a "free bar of CleanThyme", you would have paid $65. If you return both products, your refund would be $65. If you keep the CleanThyme, you would be charged $16 for the single bar of soap, and your refund will be $49.



A complete return must be received in our corporate offices within 30 days of delivery to receive a refund and/or replacement. The "Return Product Form" must be included with the return.

Refunds will be issued by Dr. Perry Skindustries within 14 business days of our receipt of your return shipment. Please be aware that PayPal (our credit card intermediary) and your credit card company may take substantially longer to process your refund. These delays are outside of our control. Please be patient.

Please make sure to ship all returns in a trackable fashion such as UPS, Fedex, or USPS Priority Mail.

No refunds will be issued for lost returns. If your product is "lost in the mail", you should file a claim with your shipper. Because of this risk, you should consider insuring the item.

Customers are responsible for the shipping cost on returned items.

Dr. Perry Skindustries does not ship replacements to PO Boxes and/or Military Addresses.

To my Canadian friends... please be sure of your purchase.  Canadian orders are not returnable.  Sorry.

If you think the product does not smell right, keep in mind that NightThyme, DayThyme, and SoftThyme are made without fragrances and you are smelling the natural ingredients, particularly thyme. This is purposeful, because 14% of people are allergic to fragrance. After a few seconds, any smells will dissipate.  

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