Product Questions

Here are some common about our product line provides skin care products that are scientifically based and fairly priced. We do our best to provide quality products, with real ingredients, at the proper concentrations and at the proper pH. Our products are designed by Dr.Perry and reflect a simple, scientific approach to skin care. Ingredients are chosen based on their scientific merit, based on published studies. Ingredients are chosen to be as safe as possible.

It is important to understand that not every product will have clinical studies showing efficacy. It is also important to understand that, while every effort is made to choose the safest, least toxic substances for our products, new scientific information may be discovered that shows adverse effects from a particular ingredient. If this information is learned, every effort will be made to remove the ingredient in question, as soon as is posslble.

Finally, every person reacts differently to chemicals, whether they be “natural” or synthetic. A certain percent of the population will be allergic or develop a contact dermatitis to virtually any ingredient. If you find that you develop a rash, irritation, or wound when exposed to a Dr. Perry Skindustries, LLC product, you should first discontinue the use of the product and consult a physician. By using these products, you acknowledge that these adverse effects are possible with any product, and accept responsibility for the use of the product. By purchasing Dr. Perry Skindustries, LLC products, you agree that, in the event of an adverse reaction to the product, Dr. Perry Skindustries, LLC liability is limited to the price paid for the item.

General Questions

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not. Dr. Perry is an animal lover. At one time he had 9 basset hounds. He now has two new basset puppies. Dr. Perry's products are indeed PETA certified!

What testing do you do?

All the products are tested for skin irritation and we are happy to tell you that all 4 products received perfect scores on testing - none caused any irritation in all 50 subjects. Our chief test animal is Dr. Perry himself...

Do you make your products in the USA?

Yes, all the products are manufactured in New Jersey or Rhode Island. We try to purchase American ingredients but some natural ingredients are grown in other countries – such as soapbark from Chile.

Do you use animal based ingredients?

Not to our knowledge. Even things like stearic acid are vegetable based. But interestingly, we use beeswax, which is made from bees and technically could be considered an animal product, although that is a subject of debate.

Do you do toxicity testing?

We rely on toxicity testing from the suppliers of our raw ingredients and in the scientific literature. Dr. Perry has chosen ingredients that have as little toxicity as possible.  

Do your products contain phthalates?

Absolutely not. And to prove it, we had our products tested by an independent analytical chemistry lab - they couldn't find a trace of phthalates in our products.

How can I check the ingredients?

All of our ingredients are posted on our website. We welcome you to go to the website called and check the toxicity ratings of all our ingredients. You will be happy with what you find out.

Are your products hypoallergenic. My skin is very sensitive.

The term is overused and the truth is that anyone can be allergic to any ingredient. Dr. Perry has chosen ingredients that are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

What’s your return policy?

If the product seal has not been broken, you may return the product within a month for a refund. Any shipping charges will not be refunded. Please carefully read the return policy page - we try to be fair with you and hope you'll be fair with us.

Do you have a morning cream?

Yes, Dr. Perry's DayThyme® is a morning cream. It is an SPF sunscreen skin protector.

Don’t I need a moisturizer?

Dr. Perry does not believe that most people need moisturizers. However, we know you want one, and so his SoftThyme® moisturizer is the best available and was designed to act just like the normal oils of the skin.

Will you have a product that can be used on eyelids?

The truth is that NightThyme would work fine on eyelids, but because it will irritate your eyes if you accidentally get it in your eyes, we don't recommend using it on your eyelids. The challenge is that any product that actually works, also irritates the eyes.

Do you have free samples?

Great news! We have very tiny samples of NightThyme - about 1-2 days worth, but enough for you to know if you'll like the product. You can purchase a sample on our NightThyme product page. One per household, please.  

Do your products contain parabens?

No. None of them do.

What is the shelf life of the products?

Dr. Perry's CleanThyme® and Dr. Perry's SoftThyme® have shelf lives of 3 years. Dr. Perry's NightThyme® has a shelf life of 3 years if refrigerated and 12 months if not refrigerated. DayThyme has a shelf life of 2 years.

Can your products be used in skin of color?

Absolutely. They can be used on all skin types and colors.

Can your products be used during pregnancy and breast feeding? Because of theoretical issues with vitamin A, Dr. Perry recommends that you do not use NightThyme during pregnancy or during breast feeding. The other products may be used at any time.

How are your products different from other skin care lines?

Dr. Perry’s® products use only scientifically proven ingredients – in the right concentrations. Dr. Perry only uses ingredients that are safe – ingredients that pass stringent toxicity standards. Dr. Perry tries to use as few ingredients as possible. He never uses dyes or colors in his products. While CleanThyme has natural fragrance, NightThyme has no fragrance. No petrolatum, phthalates (pronounced “tha – lates”), parabens, or SLS are used. In short, Dr. Perry’s products are HONEST.


Dr. Perry's NightThyme® Questions

What are the benefits of NightThyme?

NightThyme is your “all in one” skin care program. Your skin will feel smoother overnight. This effect is because of the fruit acids. NightThyme is real. And we are not promising results in just a few days. It will take a few months to see skin brightening and improved appearance of wrinkles. In fact, the longer you use NightThyme, the more dramatic will be the benefits. Dr. Perry’s patients who used his creams for many months and even years have the best results.

I heard other creams claim to reduce wrinkles in just a few days. Why can’t NightThyme do that?

Skin creams that immediately reduce wrinkles do so by causing swelling of the skin, or by spreading a silicone sheet over the skin. The “swellers” cause inflammation of the skin and that is not a good thing over the long term. NightThyme works by nourishing your skin - providing it with the tools it needs to improve its appearance.

Can I put NightThyme on in the day?

No. NightThyme contains vitamins C and A and these are destroyed by sunlight. Use it at night so that you can get the benefits all night long.

Can I put moisturizer on over NightThyme?

No, nothing should be applied after using NightThyme. Anything else will stop it from being absorbed into the skin.

Can I put NightThyme on my eyelids?

No. If it gets in your eyes, it will irritate them.

Can I use NightThyme on my hands?

Absolutely. NightThyme can be used on your hands, your neck, upper chest – anywhere.

At what age should I start using NightThyme?

While most people don’t see the effects of aging until their 30s, even teenagers can benefit from NightThyme. The 2 fruit acids are exfoliants and they help keep the skin clean and free of debris that can cause breakouts.

How long will a bottle last?

Each bottle is designed to last one month under normal usage.

Can I buy a lot and store it?

If you buy more than one bottle, we recommend you store it in the refrigerator. We don’t recommend buying more than 6 months supply at a time.

What’s the difference between NightSkin® and NightThyme?

Dr. Perry created NightSkin for another company that he is no longer affiliated with. NightThyme is a new product with some similarities to the old NightSkin. It contains the same level of Vitamins A and C and licorice extract. But Dr. Perry added lactic acid and milk thistle and he made it into a serum. You’ll also notice an incredibly good pump that keeps out air and light. Recently, New Vitality has changed the original NightSkin formula.

What does the milk thistle do?

Milk thistle is a very potent anti-oxidant. Antioxidants decrease damage to the skin that is caused by all sorts of toxins.

I heard about ____(any of the many other)__ ingredients. Why doesn’t NightThyme™ have them?

Dr. Perry made NightThyme and his other products with the best studied ingredients. He left out many ingredients that you may hear about every plant stem cells, coffeeberry and peptides...because these do not have enough science...or it might be physically impossible for them to penetrate the skin. Only proven ingredients with real science were included.

Does NightThyme contain a sunscreen?

No. It is designed to be used at night, when there is no sun. (With apologies to my friends in Alaska...)

Why does NightThyme cost more than NightSkin®?

The ingredients and packaging are different from NightSkin®.

How long will NightThyme last?

A bottle will last a month. We advise refrigerating unused bottles of NightThyme™ to keep them fresh as long as possible. Refrigerated NightThyme™ should last a year.

My skin gets irritated by skin creams. Will NightThyme irritate me?

As long as your irritation is mild and there are no raw areas, try using NightThyme just twice a week for two weeks, then every other night for two more weeks. If you don’t have irritation, then use it every night.

My skin is raw after using NightThyme. It looks like poison ivy.

Stop using the product. You may have an allergy to one of the ingredients. If it doesn't improve immediately, see a doctor.

Why do you suggest refrigerating NightThyme?

Refrigeration keeps the Vitamin C fresh as long as possible. NightThyme is kept refrigerated in our warehouse but it is not shipped refrigerated.

What happens if I don’t refrigerate it?

It is still effective, but it won’t last as long. This doesn't become an issue for many months after purchasing it. This is not like food that is kept out of a refrigerator. NightThyme;trade; will not go bad if you don’t refrigerate it.


Dr. Perry's CleanThyme® Questions

How often should I wash my face?

We recommend washing twice a day. One of those cleanings should be with a washcloth to help exfoliate.

I like my liquid cleanser. Why did you make a bar soap?

Bar soaps do not need preservatives. And 14% of people are allergic to preservatives. Bar soaps also do not need too many ingredients. The less the ingredients the better.

Why does CleanThyme cost so much?

This is no ordinary soap. The ingredients in CleanThyme are very expensive, and so the cost is higher than what you may be used to. But most soaps cause subtle skin irritation and you might wind up using moisturizers or toners because of your soap. You will not need a toner with CleanThyme and you may not need a moisturizer.

Is CleanThyme all natural?

There is no such thing as an all natural skin cleaner. All soaps are the result of chemical reactions. All of them! The ingredients in CleanThyme™ were personally chosen by Dr. Perry – they are the safest ingredients possible.

I like a lot of lather. Does CleanThyme lather well?

Most soaps use SLS to create lots of lather. SLS irritates skin and so Dr. Perry used natural soapbark (quillaja) to give CleanThyme lather.

Will CleanThyme make me look better?

Skin is often irritated by soaps. That makes it look a little red and with visible pores. Irritants can also cause breakouts. CleanThyme is soothing and nonirritating and your skin should look better with long term use.

Can I use CleanThyme on my children?

Absolutely. CleanThyme was designed to be a very mild cleaner.

What happens if I get CleanThyme in my eyes?

Like all cleaners, CleanThyme will irritate your eyes. Wash them out with alot of water and if irritation persists, consult with a doctor.

Can my whole family use CleanThyme?

Bars of soaps should be treated like toothbrushes. Don’t share, even among those you love. Every family member should have his or her own bar.

Why should I care that CleanThyme is patented?

The United States Patent Office only issues patents to products that are proven to be unique - unlike anything else on the market. CleanThyme meets the bill - and you will only have to use it once to agree with the U.S. Patent Office.  

Dr. Perry's DayThyme® Questions

Is DayThyme a sunscreen?  Yes, it is a terrific sunscreen with an SPF of 23 and broad spectrum coverage. That means it blocks both UVA and UVB.

What else does DayThyme do?  DayThyme actually strengthens the barrier function of the skin. That means the skin is made stronger and more resistant to drying out and entry of toxins. It does that through vitamins B3 and B5.

Is DayThyme a moisturizer?  Not specifically, although olive and safflower oils, as well as panthenol are moisturizing. If you like the feel of a more potent moisturizer, we advise using SoftThyme.

Dr. Perry was on the Dr. Oz show talking about poisonous sunscreens. Is this one poisonous too?  Absolutely not, Dr. Perry chose micronized zinc oxide as the sole sunscreen ingredient. This substance blocks UVA and UVB radiation and is not absorbed into the body.

Is the zinc oxide gooey and white?  Not our stuff. It is transparent and nice.

Can I put makeup on over DayThyme?  Absolutely. It was designed to be covered by makeup. Just wait a minute for it to dry. Powder makeup does better than cream makeup over DayThyme.

Can I use DayThyme as my beach sunscreen?  The answer is “yes”, but you probably won’t want to. That’s because it costs $45 for 1.7 ounces. That’s enough for daily use on the face and neck, but remember that it takes a full ounce to cover your entire body, and so you probably would want to use a different product for that. By next spring, Dr. Perry’s SunThyme SPF 30 sunscreen will be available. Don’t burn before then...

What is the difference between DayThyme and DaySkin®?  Dr. Perry created both products, but DaySkin is now owned by another company. DayThyme contains only zinc oxide, whereas DaySkin also contains titanium dioxide. DayThyme does not contain petrolatum based products, contains moisturizers, and is packaged in a convenient airless pump.

How long will a bottle of DayThyme last?  About a month, under normal usage.


Dr. Perry's SoftThyme® Questions

I thought Dr. Perry doesn’t think moisturizers are necessary. Isn’t it hypocritical that he sells one?  Dr. Perry believes that most women don’t need moisturizers. Skin does a great job at making oil. But even Dr. Perry’s wife won’t give up her moisturizer, so he set out to create the best one possible. And actually, moisturizers like SoftThyme can calm irritated skin and can improve symptoms of eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. In dry environments, moisturizers are very useful in preventing itching and cracking of skin.

What makes SoftThyme so special?  SoftThyme simulates the natural oils in the skin. It combines olive, safflower, and jojoba (pronounced: ho-ho-ba) oils with ceramides, phytosphingosine (pronounced: Fi – toe- sfin – go – seen), squalene, and vitamins E and D. And there is glycerin and hyaluronic acid. It really is the most scientific, complete moisturizer available.

Why is it so expensive?  Most inexpensive moisturizers contain petroleum products and silicones, and inexpensive oils. The ingredients used by Dr. Perry are very expensive. In fact, the ceramides and phytosphingosine cost Dr. Perry about $2000 a pound. But these expensive ingredients are important for the proper functioning of the skin.

Can I use SoftThyme on my hands and legs.  Absolutely.


Questions about the company and Dr. Perry

Who is Dr. Perry?  Dr. Perry is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York City and New Jersey. His medical degree was awarded with distinction in research and he trained in surgery and plastic surgery at Harvard, Cornell, and the University of Chicago. He has been practicing plastic surgery for over 25 years and is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Surgery at Columbia University. Dr. Perry is also a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and is on the medical advisory board of the Dr. Oz television show.

Where can I learn more about the products and about Dr. Perry?

The website is

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