About The Honest Skin Care Line

We received 3 patents for CleanThyme® and 1 for NightThyme® !. Yes, they're unique enough to deserve this distinction! Break out the champagne!

Dr. Perry Skindustries, LLC is proud to launch its new line of honest, scientifically based, skin care products. Founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur W. Perry, Dr. Perry Skindustries has introduced the all new Dr. Perry’s NightThyme® nourishing serum for the skin, the revolutionary Dr. Perry’s CleanThyme® cleansing bar, the long awaited successor to his SoftSkin cream, now called SoftThyme® and DayThyme® skin protector, his SPF 20 broad spectrum sunscreen.

Dr. Perry personally formulated all of the Dr. Perry Skindustries products. No, they weren't taken off the shelf from a wholesale company - he literally went "to the lab" to create these products. He used his decades of experience as a practicing plastic surgeon as well as his research background to create products that use scientifically proven ingredients in proper forms and concentrations. Dr. Perry is particularly concerned with skin toxicity and has formulated his products to be the safest possible. And, as an animal lover (2 bassets and a pig (!) - at one time he had 9 basset hounds!), Dr. Perry would never test on animals.  

Many of you who have found this site are familiar with Dr. Perry's former products, particularly NightSkin®. Prior to starting Dr. Perry Skindustries, Dr. Perry created NightSkin, DaySkin®, Natural Block and SoftSkin for the New Vitality Corporation. Dr. Perry is no longer affiliated with New Vitality.

Dr. Perry is shaking up the skin care industry with his revolutionary products and his refreshingly honest approach to skin care. From a bar soap with no preservatives to his combination products which inherently save you money, he has used his three decades of clinical experience combined with a common sense approach to skin care to deliver his new products to you. These products are scientifically sound, as safe as possible, and fairly priced. While similar quality products might sell for much higher prices, Dr. Perry feels that it is immoral to overcharge for products, simply to portray the image that the products are “high end”. The fact is that some of the most ridiculously priced products do not work and often have higher costs for the packaging than the ingredients.

As you use Dr. Perry’s products, you will realize that they actually do work. His three decades of treating patients, combined with a research background and the ethics of someone who spent a 10 years as the Chairman of the Advertising Committee of the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners will be evident as you enjoy his products.

It's Time to Treat Your Skin With the Care it Deserves...