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The Night Serum and soap are unbelievably wonderful products made by a doctor who truly knows his stuff" about skin care! 3 total strangers on the street have stopped and complimented me on my beautiful skin and just what am I using to have it looking so beautiful at 53? I immediately tell them about Dr. Perry's products and his website (as who wouldn't let another woman know a great thing when they know it!!). Thank you for developing these astounding products!

Margaret N.

Love these products! (probably my fourth or fifth order!) Thank you!


Good night Dr. Perry I just wanted to praise you about your exceptional customer service. I made a complaint about a NightThyme bottle I received and literally two days later, if that, I received a new bottle in the mail. You are an outstanding physician and businessman and I'm sure the success of your product has all to do with your supervision and guidance. I want to thank you personally for the bottle. I have been using your product for almost a year now and I am so pleased. If I happen to fall asleep without applying it I will sometimes wake up and go into the bathroom to apply it! I love it. It keeps my face soft and supple.

In fact, I sometimes appear as a legal analyst on television from time to time on television and I always get compliments about my skin. I rave about your product. I was just on the XXX TV show and my skin was flawless. Yes I had on make up but even the make up artists compliment me on my skin. Thank you again and you are FAB!!


I just started using Nite Thyme and love it! I'm a retired hairdresser and cosmetologist and have also taught makeup artistry. I have very sensitive skin so good skincare is very important to me. I've sold so many prouducts in the past and agree that a simple routine is so much better to follow. I'm so glad I found your products. I love Day Time and Clean Time as we'll. Thanks for a simple routine.

When I turned 60 years of age, I did what every beautiful woman would do who has spent a minor fortune to maintain beautiful skin – I cried like a baby. And, like a Masai Warrior, I went to my local book seller, found the books on “Beauty” and magazines published by a consortium of MD Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons seeking the serum or elixir “du jour” that would save my face and neck from the ravages of time, old age.   Every week, I dutifully bought and read books and magazines galore. I used to console myself whispering under my breath….”Do I want to look like a 40 year old while standing in line applying for Social Security with others my age? Answer: “YES!” or “ Do I want the funeral directors to say when they gaze at me in their coffin, “She looks so youthful to have died in her 60’s.” Answer: “YES!”  

So, gazillions of dollars in anti-aging, or youthful radiant skin or infuse super corrective serum or restore youth-boosting trio of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, or renew or lift or firm or boost or correct or plant extract or rain forest dew or mushroom elixir or youthful glow or correcteur of sags or lighten dark spots or fleur or phyto or perfecting serum or wrinkle corrector or uneven skin texture, color, or enlarged pores, or advanced for smoother or radiant skin or exclusive patent pending innovation powerful new complex or unleash youthful or the perfect or bio-technology innovation oror eliminates or minimizes or reactivates or… I think you get the picture.

Fortunately it rained one Sunday. I walked into the local public library and found a wonderful book: “Straight Talk About Cosmetic Surgery” written by Dr. Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon. I sat for hours in the library reading his book. I went into shock when I read pages 62-65 Then, whispered, “Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Perry for telling us ladies the truth.”  

Now, I keep it simple. I buy Dr. Perry’s “The Honest Line of Skin Care.”   I no longer throw money at fantasies. I start and end each day with Clean Thyme. I protect with Day Thyme or Soft Thyme, and I nourish each night with Night Thyme. Now, I know my skin is being nourished with the products created by Dr. Perry, the only ones we truly need.

I thanked Dr. Perry for creating the honest line of skin care products for young, for middle age, and for women over 60. And, yes, I now get compliments from others who say to me: “Look at your skin, it’s beautiful. You do not look like you will soon be 70! What do you do?” I tell them. And, I am telling you.

Thank you, Dr. Perry, and may God Bless You for being truthful with women of any age.

I have been a user of Dr. Perry’s night products since 2008. Night skin was fantastic and now Night Thyme is AMAZING!! My skin is smooth, wrinkle-free and without brown or age spots. It never feels dry and is always supple. My sister, a dermatology nurse, wants to know what I am using that makes my face always looks glowing and clear. She says the ingredients are “top-shelf”! I love how my face looks so youthful and I’m almost 70! I plan to use it until I die!

I tell anyone who asks about using Dr. Perry’s Night Thyme. The department store cosmetic center where they offer makeovers doesn’t tempt me in the least to try their products. They only offer heavy cover-ups—a one size fits all that stains your pillowcase. I trust Dr. Perry even though I’ve never met him. He’s my face’s best friend!!

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you how much I LOVE Night Thyme; I honestly don’t know what else I would find to use—I’m glad I don’t have to pursue that avenue!


As a true believer in Dr. Perry’s products, I couldn’t wait to try the new Night Thyme. I am from Illinois but also have an apartment in New Jersey while my husband is working there. I was in Illinois when my first Night Thyme order arrived, I kept my extra bottle in the refrigerator as suggested, and left it there when I returned to NJ. I asked my daughter to UPS it to me ASAP, so within a month my Night Thyme came full circle. a few months later, when I made a trip to NJ, my extra Night Thyme in the refrigerator was missing. My husband threw it away following a power outage. Planning to be in NJ for three weeks, I placed an order and had it shipped to my NJ address and asked my husband never to dispose of any Dr. Perry products again.


I have been using all Dr. Perry products for about one month. The cleansing bar leaves my face smooth and soft and feeling clean without that tight feeling other cleansers leave behind. I love the ease of using only one serum, Night Thyme, in the evening, with all the cutting edge ingredients instead of using 3 or 4 as I did in the past. My skin is smoother and brighter now which I think is due to the high amount of Vitamin C. Day Thyme and Soft Thyme blend easily into the skin and are absorbed with no greasy feeling. My smooth and soft skin is due to these products, and I often get complimented on my skin even when I am without makeup. What better testimonial is there than that?

I have been using all Dr. Perry products for about one month. The cleansing bar leaves my face smooth and soft and feeling clean without that tight feeling other cleansers leave behind. I love the ease of using only one serum, Night Thyme, in the evening, with all the cutting edge ingredients instead of using 3 or 4 as I did in the past. My skin is smoother and brighter now which I think is due to the high amount of Vitamin C. Day Thyme and Soft Thyme blend easily into the skin and are absorbed with no greasy feeling. My smooth and soft skin is due to these products, and I often get complimented on my skin even when I am without makeup. What better testimonial is there than that?


Hi Arthur,
It was great seeing and talking with you. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!! I took them with me and have been using them since you have them to me. I was looking at the ingredients of my other creams. I have been using (x product) and like them but with your products I felt a difference right away (I'm not kidding!!!). I take care of my skin and I am always looking for a great skin line that works on my skin. I told the other women in my makeup room that I felt a difference and they should give it a try. I am excited to see the results after using it longer. I hope (the celebrity I work for) will use them. I am going to purchase them to use on him every day we shoot. For the past three years I have been using (y product) on him before his make up and after the show when he cleans his face. Again I like the way my skin feels and thank you so much for allowing my to try them. You created a great product and I wish you much success. If you can send me some brochures I will keep them in my room. There are many experts that I work on who ask about skin products. Take care Arthur and hope to see you again soon.



Hi Arthur
I have used your cream for 9 days. My skin feels great and I am starting to see a change in the texture. Could it also be used in the day under make up and sunscreen? I have also been using it on my neck and décolleté.

Love, love, love the entire line! I have large pores and I can't believe how they have disappeared! My skin tone seems to be more even!

Hillary J

I love my products!

Rena PF

I love my products as well....the CleanThyme™ makes a creamy lather and smells wonderful! I also have the NightThyme™ and DayThyme™ creams which work marvelously and feel so light and healthy on your skin. SO glad to have them.

Gerda Y

Within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Perry he diagnosed me with symptoms of chronic allergies. What!?! How could that be? I'm 42 years old and i think i would know if I'm allergic to product. He was right! He also informed me that my so called dry skin was the result of soap I was using on my face. I didn't understand why i was so dry in the morning and, so oily throughout the day. He was right! Upon further observation, I was most certainly becoming dry from my cleansing product. Well I am here to say Dr. Perry's CleanThyme is truly fantastic! My skin is clean, not dry, not greasy but refreshingly clean. I love it! It is such a nice product... really. It's brilliant. A huge bar of soap that smells awesome, is completely affordable, and leaves my skin balanced! Dr. Perry is my new 'favorite person'!  

Dr. Perry... my savior! 

I just started using NightThyme and like the feel of it, it doesn't feel sticky at all! I am going to purchase DayThyme; is this just for your face or would you use it as an all over sunscreen?

Leslie C

I have just returned my 3 bottles of NightSkin(R) after 4 years of being a loyal user and buyer, I noticed the product changed within the last year. I am so happy I found the new NightThyme and look foward to my skin resuming its healthy glow! I am calling now to place my first order :) Thank you Dr. Perry!!  

Tracy D

Thank you so much Dr. Perry and your wonderful team. When I didn't get my Night thyme in 2 weeks after ordering it, I called and told Colleen about it on Friday then Andy got back to me and told me he'll try to track it down but yesterday I've got my Night thyme by UPS next day delivery :) Best customer service ever. THANK YOU so much.

I love my NightThyme. It makes my skin so soft can't wait till the DayThyme and the SoftThyme are out . 

Giti K

Great product.

Stuart H

Yes Dr. Perry's products do work. After using them for a few years, going without them and watching my skin condition decline was agony. Now I look in the mirror each day knowing with time my skin will improve. I am 56 years old, I don't want to look like I did in my 20's or 30's, I am proud of who I am becoming, but I do like knowing I am using products on my skin that are good for it and make me feel better about myself.

Lori J

I t's amazing! My skin feels like silk and all of my chronic red and dry blotches have disappeared! If you care about your skin or want to get a great birthday gift for someone you love, this is it!

Diane A

Diane's earlier post

These products are truly wonderful. I have been using the soap, night cream and day cream for the past two weeks and my skin (which has been extremely sensitive and reactive in the past) feels like velvet. My pores are smaller and the results are visible in my 8x's mirror. I started using the soap all over since I was experiencing post-menopausal rosacea on my arms and shoulders, and I can say, all of my red, blotchy spots are gone! Thank you Dr. Perry!

Thank you so much for sending CleanThyme to me for calling in on your radio show. I received it yesterday. I have used it now 3 separate times on both my face and in the shower on my body and can't believe how much I am enjoying it. I was very skeptical because I always found bar cleansers drying; even for my body. That has not been the case with yours! I'm going to continue using it exclusively for the next week and then post a review on your website. I think you've totally converted me! I'm hoping to be able to come to your office one day next week so I can test out DayThyme. I watched your entire segment on Dr. Oz and have always felt leary of chemical sunscreens. But it's difficult to find a good sunscreen that feels and looks nice on the face. So if I find one that works well but has avobenzone in it, I just have to take the good with the bad. I'm really hoping your DayThyme moisturizer works out for me!

Diana D

I love CleanThyme and NightThyme. It's the perfect combination, and I feel good knowing that the products I'm using don't contain harsh chemicals. I haven't used anything else that I've liked better. The science behind the products is brilliant, and makes me feel good knowing that the ingredients have been carefully selected to *actually* help the skin, instead of the temporary 'fixes' many of us buy into.

Vienna P

I love good analogies - "like trying to squeeze a football through a chain link fence!" On another note, I'm really happy with my CleanThyme, NightThyme, and DayThyme! I've been using each of them on my sensitive skin, and all is going very well - plus my skin feels soft, clean, and I've not picked up any sunburn despite being outside a good deal this weekend!

Kathy M

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your products! I've been using them for about a month. I've got weird/problem skin ... well-controlled rosacea, and sensitivity. Since using Clean Thyme, both of these things seem much improved, and my face feels smooth and soft. Of course I also use NightThyme, so it's probably the effect of the two.

I was away for a few days last week and forgot to bring them, so I went to my old reliable Cetaphil - and found myself battling redness and "roughness" again. So, I know that CleanThyme and NightThyme are good things for me!

Kathy M

Dr. Perry, I have used your product for only 2 weeks now, but have definitely seen a texture improvement already. I have been moving towards products with natural ingredients and was wondering if you could recommend a safe and natural make up remover? Any suggestions would be great!

Heidi M

Hello Dr. Perry. I am in LOVE with your old product NightSkin. My mother had several bottles in her home and I began using the product at night. I have seen the difference in my skin and I was very disappointed to see that it was discontinued. In looking at your new product NightThyme, I noticed that the ingredients are different and there is no glycolic acid in your new formula. How will the lack of glycolic acid and glabridin change the effect on my skin?

Karen C.

From: dr.perry <>

My new product contains many of the same ingredients as my prior product. I replaced the glycolic acid with lactic acid, which has many of the same properties as glycolic acid. No significant difference. The new product does have glabridin. It is now a serum, eliminating the cream residue that serves no function. And I added the antioxidant milk thistle, which helps control environmental damage to the skin. I made an excellent pump and the product has a longer shelf life. You will LOVE NightThyme. You can order on

A Perry MD

Wonderful of you to respond to my previous message! Then I will buy! The old N***Skin gave me such a glow. You would not believe how many compliments I get about my skin. I will try it. I also hope the oil- White Thyme oil does not clog my pores or give a greasy effect. Thank you for your response.


From: dr.perry

Guaranteed it will not. Enjoy! (I'm going to put your remarks on the website but I will remove your name...)

A Perry MD

Please do! Have a wonderful night. I'll give you an update when I try NightThyme. I have a tiny bit left of NightSkin(R) and I have been saving the dregs to use the very last bit. I am ordering NightThyme today and will start maybe in a week or two. Thank you Again!


I have been using the CleanThyme and NightThyme for two weeks, and my skin is already improving! I am starting to feel like I can go out without makeup -- maybe just a touch of under eye concealer, mascara, and my red lips. I'm 39 and my skin has always been oily and breakout prone, but increasingly sensitive the past few years. I could no longer tolerate Retin A. My skin is clear and glowing now, and not sensitized by your products! I'm so surprised, and thankful I happened to catch Dr. Oz that day! My DayThyme just arrived today. It's a little heavier than I'm used to, but as long as I get no breakouts nor sensitivity I'm sticking with the whole regimen, as I really trust Dr. Perry now. Besides, I know what I was using in the past wasn't the greatest for me because it included fragrance and drying alcohol. I love that the zinc in DayThyme really is invisible! On a side note, I've always been a minamalist, and knew deep down that it was possible to put out three products that could do everything for you, so I don't mind paying a bit more than I'm used to. GREAT JOB, AND THANK YOU!



P.S. great job on the packaging. So pretty!

One more email and u have permission to use this:
I see an old man, curmudgeon dermatologist. Read-he doesn't give false compliments. I had been using the products you created for at least 5 years at this point. He lays into me for sun damage on my body-I'm 44. He looks at my face and says, 'I have no idea why u show no sun damage on your face!'
Your products are the ONLY thing I use. So thank you, dr Perry. You are refreshing. If I need a lift or tuck-I'm making the trek to you!
You will always have my business.


Good morning Arthur. As I've told you before, I have been using your NightThyme and CleanThyme for the last couple of months. A number of people have comment on my skin recently. I don't remember getting comments on how nice my face looks EVER!!!     Thank you.

Take care


After reading the reviews, I decided to add my own..

Dr Perry, I have always had GREAT skin, no acne as a teenager etc but as years progressed, I developed hyperpigmentation and some controlled rosacea which are a visual challenge. One Doctor prescribed a very expensive beauty treatment routine only available at his office. Another prescribed Metronidazole twice daily.

I discovered you in your contribution to the book "Beauty from Inside Out" (editor's note: written with Drs. Oz and Roizen) and ordered "Nightskin" which I loved and used faithfully until ordering became a problem. I followed you and waited for your promised reformulated product and I am so happy with NightThyme. I even discarded the prescription creams.
After months of dedicated usage on my face, neck, chest and back of my hands, I know that I have epic skin whether people compliment me or not. It is just that good. It is also affordable and easy to obtain. Thank you for giving me movie star skin whether I wear tinted sunblock or go all el naturale.      
 Julia, 54 yo
Dr. Perry:
Last year, I read your book "Straight Talk About Plastic Surgery." At that time, I sent you a "Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart" for writing the book for female consumers.
Today, I am writing to once again, "Thank You" for creating your beautiful skin line with the four products, particularly "Night Thyme." This is a tremendous product with so many beneficial ingredients, so well thought out by you for the delicate skin of the face and neck.Previously, I used Obagi skin care lines and Perricone, but found that after several weeks of usage my skin actually looked worse. One day my sister said to me, what happened to your neck? It was full of red blotches and dry patches although I had used Perricone's Cold Plasma SubD sparingly with the belief that my neck would look firmer and help its elasticity. In fact, the man-made chemicals in the product were too harsh. Then, I switched to Obagi, including its ElastiDerm Eye Treatment Gel in my daily routine, again sparingly. Before you know it, I feel a crusting at the outer corners of each eye that now looked like brown spots of burned skin, like brown scab. Hardly beneficial to my skin or my looks! I felt like having crawled across the desert of man-made chemicals ruining my skin from two major Dermatologist's products, I came to the oasis of "Night Thyme" and the other nourishing skin products in your newly created line, which is so economical to boot! My skin has recovered from the onslaught of harsh chemicals by using your products, particularly....well, really all of them.  
I do have one request, well two: Please make a product for the eye area and the jawline, neck, and decollete'. And, thank you for saving women with your well-thought out, nourishing, natural ingredients for our skin. By the way, I am 68 years of age, but many much younger women now say to me, your skin looks so healthy. You look like you are in your 40's or early 50"s. I, of course, refer them to you.

Hi, Dr. Perry,
I have been using your complete skin care line for 7 days now, and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with all the products. First let me say how much better my skin "feels" using your products. My skin no longer feels tight and dry. And, when I put DayThyme and NIghtThyme on my skin, I can really feel it penetrate into my skin vs. just sitting on top. When I was reading about the products your comment about moisturizer being optional was very puzzling to me. I have always had dry skin, and the thought of no moisturizer was just unimaginable! When I first washed with CleanThyme and then put on DayThyme, my skin felt great and full of moisture...I couldn't believe it. I have never been able to skip moisturizer, ever, and I now find some days not using SoftThyme at all. I am certainly glad I have SoftThyme to use when environmental factors like dry winter months require that I use moisturizer, but, I don't feel like I have to use it.  
It is very clear to me how different your products are compared to anything else I have ever used. I have put many hours of research into beauty products and I was using different products from many different product lines. And, honestly, my skin never felt good, or looked different after using any of them. Time will tell if my skin will look different after using your products, but I can say that my skin immediately felt really good, (soft, hydrated, not tight) after using your products.
Thank you so much for offering an honest line of skin care!



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