CleanThyme will be shipped February, 2023. Order now and receive all current pricing and Black Friday discounts. NightThyme is in short supply and will be shipped until supplies exhausted. It will be back in full stock February. Thank you for your patience.

Return Instructions

Have a return? Follow the instructions below

In the event that your product is defective and you would like a replacement:

  1. 1. Locate the Packing Slip enclosed with your purchase and complete the bottom portion (Return/Replacement Form "RRF").
  2. 2. Complete the entire form including the Item Number, Item Name, Quantity being returned and/or replaced (in the event that you do not have enough space please continue on a separate sheet of paper)
  3. 3. Reason Code and a Further Action Code. Refunds will be issued for the price of the original item minus the actual shipping charges. (Original shipping and handling charges are non – refundable, even if they were waived with the initial order because of a special promotion or merchandise purchase amount threshold promotion.
  4. 4. Please complete the RRF and place it in the box with the items.
  5. 5. Enclose a copy of the original purchase receipt and ship all returns to:

Dr. Perry Skindustries Returns:
Dr. Perry Skindustries
3055 Rt. 27
Franklin Park, NJ 08823

Please Note: customers are responsible for the shipping cost for all returns

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