Preservatives in skin care

Preservatives are one of those things we don't want, but we can't live without. That's because we are surrounded by germs. They're everywhere - on our skin, on the table, on the floor, on your pet, in the garden. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi live (usually) in harmony with us. And they serve a useful purpose in the environment, helping organic matter decay. Anytime there is water, there will be bacteria. Just look at that piece of cheese way back in your refrigerator to see bacteria in action. The warmer and wetter it is, the more bacteria. That's why food grows bacteria. Refrigeration stalls the growth of bacteria and a so do preservatives. If you want something with water to stay fresh for more than a few days, it must have preservatives. That's why all cosmetics contain preservatives. The trick is to choose the safest ones. My CleanThyme does not contain preservatives because it's a solid. And the thyme and lemon naturally kill germs. My other products do require preservatives, but I purposely stay away from parabens and triclosan, notorious for their "endocrine disruption". In fact Minnesota just banned triclosan. I wish I did not have to use any preservatives at all, but then the products would not be able to sold commercially. So, I use the safest of all preservatives.