NightThyme and CleanThyme getting rave reviews!

The first two products have now been available for a few weeks, and many of you have begun emailing, calling, and leaving Facebook messages telling me how much you like them. I appreciate your comments. If you really love the products, post your comments on your Facebook page also. Word of mouth has become "word of Facebook" and thousands of people can quickly read your comments. Thank you for your support. Check out this recent Facebook post from Diane Salamone: Dr. savior! Within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Perry he diagnosed me with the symptoms of chronic allergies. What!?! How could that be? I'm 42 years old and I think I would know if I am allergic to product. He was right! He also informed me that my so called dry skin was a result of the soap I was using on my face. I didn't understand why I was so dry in the morning and, so oily throughout the day. He was right! Upon further observation, I was most certainly becoming dry from my cleansing product. Well I am here to say Dr. Perry's Clean Thyme is truly fantastic! My skin is clean, not dry, not greasy but refreshingly clean. I love it! It is such a nice product....really. It's brilliant. A huge bar of soap that smells awesome, is completely affordable, and leaves my skin balanced! Dr. Perry is my new 'favorite person'!