Niacin in skin products

Vitamin B3 - that's niacinamide - is a wonderful skin care ingredient. When I created my former product, called Dr. Perry's DaySkinR, I was one of the first in the country to include niacinamide. Now, with my DayThymeTM, I kept this as a key ingredient. Here's why...

Niacinamide is a nonirritating skin rejuvenator. It's key function is to bolster the barrier function of the skin. That means it lowers water loss and makes the skin more resistant to things that destroy its barrier - mainly soaps. With niacinamide, the skin looks less red.

Niacinamide also brightens the skin in a way that is very different from most skin brighteners. Along with other brighteners like vitamin C and licorice extract (in my NightThymeTM product), it's the "One-Two Punch" to make the skin look better.

Niacinamide is particularly useful for diabetics, because it is the only substance that can reduce the yellowing of skin that plagues diabetics. This unique function is apparent as early as 4 weeks and peaks at 12 weeks of use.

Niacinamide's benefits continue with improvement of photo aging - texture improves, oil production decreases, pore size decreases and wrinkles are improved as early as 4 weeks, with a 5% improvement at 12 weeks.

Niacinamide is not destroyed by UV light, making it a great ingredient to use in the morning. And as a final bonus, niacinamide reduces irritation caused by vitamin A products.

So now you have it - and you understand why I included this wonderful vitamin in my skin care....