It's the results that count

So many skin care products make absolutely ridiculous claims. They claim that their products can rejuvenate your skin in just hours. Or they claim to cure certain disease conditions of the skin. When I look at the ingredients, I know that this is just plain fraud. But how do you know? It's so tough, and the FDA tolerates these lies... Why? I suppose they have their plates full with regulating medical devices and the entire food and drug supply of the United States. So when it comes to ridiculous claims for plant stem cells (don't work) and hexapeptides (can't work), I guess they just figure that no one is being injured and so they don't waste their resources pursuing them. My patients and my customers know that I tell it like it is. And I create products that are honest. With real ingredients that are scientifically proven to work. On this website, I'll be posting photographs of women who have used my products and I'll show you their real results. Here's the first woman. She's 64 years old and has used my Basic Regimen (NightThyme, DayThyme, and CleanThyme) for 6 months. Most of the women in my study had similar results. Her photo on the top is before she started the program and the bottom photo is after 6 months.