It's sunscreen season

It's the middle of summer. The time when the sun is at its most intense. And that means you need to protect your skin - no matter what color it is. Sunshine contains visible light and invislble ultraviolet light (UV). You know that visible light contains all of the colors of the rainbow, but you may not know that UV light also contains a rainbow of colors. But you can't see the colors of UV light (did you know that some animals can?). The two main "colors" of UV light are called "A" and "B" (those scientists know how to name them, don't they?). The SPF designation deals with UVB. If your sunscreen covers UVA, it is called "broad spectrum". Sounds simple...but it isn't. In fact, there are many "colors" within UVA (85 to be exact), and to earn the "broad spectrum" designation by the FDA, a product only has to block exactly 1 of the 85 colors of UVA. Most broad spectrum sunscreens only block a few of the UVA colors. And that's the problem. So what's the solution? Zinc oxide - it blocks ALL of the UVA and UVB colors. It's a complete sunscreen. And now you know one of the reasons I use zinc oxide in my DayThyme product. (For the other reasons, check out my blog on the Dr. Oz website