Fighting Evolution - why modern skin looks bad

© 2019.  Back in the old days – no not 1990 – let’s go back about 10,000 years when homo sapiens(that’s you!) started acting…human.  Back then, we rarely bathed – water was something we drank.  We dipped into it to catch fish.  Our skin was covered with a slimy goo called “sebum”.  This natural moisturizer is really a wonderful creation – it repels water, keeping us from getting waterlogged.  Its pheromone containing smell attracts mates and repels people we might be genetically incompatible with. Its antioxidants protect skin from inflammation and sun damage.  And it even kills bacteria, repels insects, and makes you harder to grip when encountering a foe.

Fast forward to 2019 – when we do everything possible to destroy our sebum.  Heaven forbid we have oily skin.  Since the mid 20thcentury, we have tortured our skin with thousands of substances in cosmetics, skin cleaners, medications, and workplace chemicals that destroy our natural skin coating.  This contributes to acne, contact dermatitis, and the common syndrome of red, swollen, unhealthy skin.

When we fight nature, we create havoc.  But there are ways to deal with sebum and still look and smell clean.  I spend my professional life keeping my cosmetic surgery patients looking as good as possible.  So here’s the first tip for you -and it may be the hardest to do.  Start with a skin detox.  Many products are simply unnecessary and so many are frankly toxic.  Eliminate these products – toners, moisturizers (yes!), makeup removers, are on the top of my list.  And cut out as many other products as possible for a few weeks, especially Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) from soap and shampoo.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to look better.  

In upcoming blogs, I’ll be giving more tips to help you choose safe products and keep your skin looking as good as your prehistoric ancestor’s…minus the dirt…