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Dr. Perry's First Blog Post

It’s April 1. And after over a year of anticipation, I’m happy to introduce my first two products to you.

Many of you have used my products that I created for another company. About a year ago, I formed my own company, and set out to create the most scientifically based, safe, and honest products. The skin care industry is crowded with so many well-known companies. But most companies produce many products – they want you to fill your medicine cabinet with as many as possible. Most women will not stick to a complex regimen, and so I wanted to create a program that everyone can follow.

I wanted to create products that combined active ingredients, lessening the need for multiple products. This sounds great, but was a challenge from the chemistry standpoint. My NightThyme™ serum does combine great ingredients into one serum. You will love the high levels of vitamins C and A, as well as lactic and citric fruit acids. I added skin brighteners and potent antioxidants. And through a series of chemical and physical methods, I succeeded in keeping my water based L-ascorbic acid vitamin C product fresh longer than any I know of. I filed a patent for my system.

For 25 years, I struggled to recommend a good soap to my patients. I wanted one that was the right pH and did not have sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). While this combination was better for your skin, creating a product that performed well was a real challenge. I hit a home run with this product. CleanThyme™ lathers well because I added quillaja, or soapbark, to it. And I added glycerin for slip, ground oats for a nice feel, and lemon, lavender, and thyme oils for an irresistible fragrance.

In future months, I will be introducing my DayThyme™ SPF 20 skin protector, and my SoftThyme™ moisturizer. I hope you enjoy my products. I would love to hear your feedback.

Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS