Dr. Oz television show

I hope you enjoyed hearing and seeing me on the Dr. Oz television show today. It took a lot of courage for Dr. Oz to air that show. I have long felt that the chemical sunscreens are dangerous. My patients remind me that I've been harping on that issue for over a decade. It just doesn't make sense to fill our bodies with harmful chemicals, or even suspicious chemicals...particularly since a great alternative is available. As you may have guessed, my DayThyme SPF 20 broad spectrum sunscreen fits the bill. I used micronized zinc oxide and a variety of other substances that IMPROVE THE BARRIER FUNCTION of the skin. Most importantly, I included Vitamins B3 and B5. So, instead of a chemical sunscreen/moisturizer combination that so many companies produce, which irritates the skin and is toxic, I use a sunscreen that doesn't enter the body and substances that are not just nontoxic, but actually improve the quality of the skin.