Don't Shake the NightThyme!

Some people want to shake their products. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to ask you NOT to shake your bottle of NightThyme. First of all, it's simply not necessary. NightThyme has been perfectly formulated as a beautiful serum. There's nothing floating around in there that you have to mix up. There's nothing that will settle down to the bottom of the bottle... But here's why I don't want you to shake the bottle (sounds a little like the old "don't squeeze the Charmin" commercial....). I received my patent on the unique way I preserve the Vitamin C in NightThyme. I bottle NightThyme under a little pressure, And as the Vitamin C in the NightThyme ages (oxidizes), it generates a little carbon dioxide. So that little bottle of NightThyme is sort of like a can of soda. And you know what happens if you shake a can of out as it spews across the kitchen. The same thing will happen to NightThyme.  So here's how I open my NightThyme. First, I refrigerate it to cool it down. Then I certainly don't shake it. Then I unscrew the cap slowly to release a little gas. You should hear a little "shvip" as it unscrews. And that's it. Keep it from getting too warm during the month that you use it. Room temperature is just fine, but don't let it sit in the sunroom. If you're stocking up, keep the extra bottles in the refrigerator. As for color - NightThyme starts out with a tiny tinge of beige. After about 6 months, there is a vague yellow color. After about a year, the color should be yellow. After 2 years, it will be darker yellow. After about 3 years, it will be light brown. It is still usable and will still have enough vitamin C with this color. When the product turns dark brown, it's thyme to toss it out.