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Colors in products

Have you ever purchased a beautifully colored skin care product?  Like those blue shampoos, or green soaps?  Many of you do, because the marketing divisions of skin care companies know that you, the consumer, will always choose products wtih a pretty color over bland white or clear.  One well known liquid soap is available in both clear and beige colors...and no surprise, the beige one sells better.  Even doctors swallow this marketing - one of best selling wound dressings languished as a plain white dressing.  But when those Madison Avenue types added a bright yellow color to it, it became a best seller!

But color has absolutely no use in skin care products...unless you are using it as a makeup.  Those dyes are, for the most part, quite toxic.  They can be carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and skin irritants.  Of course, I would never color my products - I only use necessary ingredients...