CleanThyme soap lathers without sulfates!

Lather is one of the most desireable characteristics of soap.  There is something zen about lather.  Think of Christie Brinkley in the Prell shampoo commercial.  But most soaps rely on sulfates for lather.  And sulfates (SLS for instance) are irritants to the skin and scalp.  So when I created CleanThyme soap, I wanted to avoid sulfates.  

I searched for safe ingredients that lathered well.  It turns out that Chilean Soapbark (quillaja) was one of the original ingredients in root beer.  Frothy root beer.  So I went to the kitchen - literally - and added quillaja to my CleanThyme formula.  And voila!  So much lather.  And without any sulfates or other toxins.  And while my pet pig Albert ate a whole bar of CleanThyme without ill effects, I don't recommend that to you.